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St. John's is the original church of English Methodism in this area, but its influence stretches far beyond North Wales . In any season, thousands of visitors share our services and so our work with holiday-makers is important. However, it would be a mistake to think that is all St. John's is! At this present time our fellowship groups and Bible study life is growing, and over the last six years our membership has shown a steady increase. This church, like so many in the area, is enriched by those who come to retire here, but we are pleased to report that many new people, including local residents, are making their commitment to Christ, in life and service. We have also opened up our church more and with parents and toddlers, luncheon club and other avenues of service we are meeting the challenge of the present. In 1866, when St. John's was opened, the total resident population of Llandudno was only 2,500 and even at the height of the summer season there were only seven or eight thousand visitors. Thirty four faithful Methodists had the vision to build a church and they must have possessed unusual qualities of vision and faith. The pioneering of Methodism in Llandudno was achieved by Revd E Crump, who in 1859 was appointed to the Caernarfon and Bangor Circuit, and heard of the need for Methodist services in Llandudno. In addition a Captain Vivian, a Cornish Local Preacher working on the Gt. Orme, was already holding a society class. This was the nucleus from which English Methodism in Llandudno was to multiply. A temporary building was completed on 25th August 1861 and stood in Lloyd Street The real problem was to be how the more costly permanent structure would be built and funded. Dr W Morley Punshon, a well known Methodist, was instrumental through what was known as the 'Watering Places Fund" in making a grant of £1,000 to the Llandudno Methodists. The premises have undergone many changes and through sacrificial giving, careful management and visionary faith, the church was not only able to continue, but began the 1990's with renewed heart. The last decade of the last century was characterized by the twin concerns of building up a church with a strong spiritual base and a reshaping of our life and witness to face the challenge of the future. A long list of names could be given in telling the story of St. John's past. However, we are concerned about the present and the future and would witness to the fact St. John's is still here, with a vibrant congregation, seeking to make its witness for Christ at the heart of the town and resort. We are becoming more overtly evangelistic in our mission as a church and we would like to match that outreach with a more vigorous church life in which to welcome new people. St. John's has always been more than a local church; it has had an emphasis upon relevant preaching and worship, and we seek to maintain that today. There will be ever widening opportunities in the future, and St. John's is ready to meet that challenge. There is still room for more to join us......


If you or someone you know would like pastoral contact, please get in touch with your pastoral visitor, the pastoral visitors’ secretary or the minister.

Registered Charity No. 1128903. Web Site www.stjohnsllandudno.org


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