Christmas 2017

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Saint Johns Methodist Church


Discipleship Group 2017

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Discipleship Groups 2017

Discipleship Groups meet as follows:

Mondays      2.30pm (in someone's home)
Wednesdays 2.30pm (in st John's)
Wednesdays 7.30pm (in someone's home)
Thursdays    7.15pm (in someone's home)
Thursdays  10.45am (in St David's)

Discipleship groups are a fundamental part of church life. They provide an opportunity to study the Bible, learn together and share together in a safe and welcoming environment (a home or cosy church room.) They encourage growth in understanding of our faith and our relationship with God. People at all stages of faith and levels of knowledge come along to these groups, from seekers to long-term local preachers. Whoever you are, you will be made welcome.

We are looking for more people to belong to discipleship groups and will even start up another one if there is sufficient interest. Please do join us. Feel free to join any group fitting your requirements – every group has its own style and approach so you may need to try several out to understand more. Feel free to swap to another group if the first one you attend doesn’t quite work for you. We won’t be offended!

All groups meet fortnightly (or as often as the group can meet.) In 2017 we plan to follow the pattern below. New members are welcome to join at any time though the start of new studies is always a good moment.

If you are unable to join a group “in the flesh” we are also starting an online version of the discipleship groups at where we will be studying the same material as the groups and will have opportunity to contribute to online discussion via comments.

For further details about any of these groups please contact Rev Bev at  or 01492-877799